UCAN in the News

04/11/2022 Cazenovia to celebrate Earth Day with weeklong community celebration

04/04/2022 UCAN announces Earth Week “Trash to Treasure” competition

11/16/2020- Caz hosts third Climate Action Leadership Summit via Zoom

4/13/2020 – Cazenovia Reports on Climate Smart Initiatives, Accomplishments

4/06/2020 –Cazenovia Earth Week Youth Science Fair moves to ‘the cloud’

3/09/2020- Cazenovia invites participation in Earth Week Youth Fair and Poetry Reading

7/8/2019 – UCAN Seeks Village Collaboration

6/03/2019 – United Climate Action Network reconvenes, discusses successes and goals

5/06/2019 – Cazenovia working to become ‘Climate Smart’

4/13/2019 – Future projects and calls to action at Cazenovia ‘Seize the Power’ energy fair

4/02/2019 – Renewable energy fair scheduled for April 14 at Cazenovia College

3/20/2019 – Caz hosts first regional Climate Action Leadership Summit

3/14/2019 – Youth science fair scheduled for April 14 at Cazenovia College

3/09/2015 – Village board approves Climate Action Plan


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