What is it:

the gas produced when organic matter such as plants, manure, sewage, or food waste is broken down in the absence of oxygen.

How it is obtained:

An internal combustion engine or thermochemical means are used to digest the organic matter. In Madison County at the Landfill an internal combustion engine produces methane gas 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Since 2014 Colgate has been using a methane digester to create energy and to offset greenhouse gas emission.


Renewable energy which can be sold back to the grid, production of compost , heat, and since the methane is captured, it is not released into the environment. (Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 20x more potent than carbon dioxide.)
In Madison County, some of the methane gas produced is used to fuel the internal combustion engine while the remainder and majority of the methane is sold to the grid. The county receives the funds from that sale. The heat produced during digestion is pumped back into the buildings at the landfill to keep them warm.

Other information:

Biogas systems can be purchased for individual households or businesses. A current list of biogas companies, a biogas production calculator as well as additional information can be found at:


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