Three years ago we started gathering to discuss, educate and organize in order to bring awareness to our community about ways to protect our environment.

United Climate Action Network is a grassroots group in New York’s 22nd Congressional District.   We actively advocate for environmentally sustainable policies and engage with businesses, schools, and other local community organizations to advance environmental literacy and sustainable practices.

UCAN’s most significant contribution is in bringing a cross section of local individuals, groups, and governmental bodies together in conversation, education, planning, and most importantly actions to confront and solve our climate crisis.

Public outreach and education started with 2017 & 2018 Farmers Market weekly education tables. In 2018 & 2019 U-CAN hosted Seize the Power, Renewable Energy Fairs at Cazenovia College.  

To develop a Strategic 5 year Plan, UCAN organized Climate Summit I in March 2019 bringing together 42 key knowledgeable stakeholders and leaders to help Identify the area’s most critical environmental issues.  Summit II was held 3 months later to celebrate accomplishments, evaluate the planning, and develop 8 strategic working groups. 

Working with governing bodies:   UCAN has worked to build a direct presence at local, regional, state and national levels to bring our community voice to public policy. Village & Town of Cazenovia passed resolutions establishing working relationships with UCAN. UCAN initiated the Climate Action Coalition of Central NY.  A UCAN member is on Congressman Anthony Brindisi’s Environmental Advisory Council. U-CAN worked actively to get the Climate Leadership and Communities Protection Act  bill funded on the state level, attending the Dept. of Environmental Conservation Budget hearing January 27th 2020.

Youth Outreach: Reaching out, listening, and supporting youth leaders in the climate movement has taken a number of different pathways most recently creating a zoom  panel of Student Climate Leaders from Cazenovia High School, Cazenovia College, Hamilton College and Colgate University, and creating a virtual Science Climate Fair.

We are always looking for people who wish to join us in these efforts. You can email us at cazrenew@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook.

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