United Climate Action Network

The United Climate Action Network is a grassroots group in New York’s 22nd Congressional District which grew out of Caz Call To Action. We actively advocate for environmentally sustainable policies from local, state, and national officials and engage with businesses, schools, and other local community. More about us….
From NY Renews:

As you celebrate with the mothers in your own life, I hope you feel the deep sense of responsibly mothers usually feel to protect their own. Like them, we need to protect ourselves, our families, our communities and Mother Earth.This year, we have this unique opportunity to do just that and win big on climate justice in NYS with the CCIA! Let’s make sure we take on this responsibility, and take it to the finish line!

The legislative session ends June 10th. Starting tomorrow, we’re lobbying our legislators the entire week: sign up now to join a virtual lobby visit near you! Even if the closest lobby visit to you is not with your own state legislator, it’s still impactful for you to be there and show support for the CCIA. So, sign up to show up now!

Eco-Accomplishments of Local Municipalities

New York Climate Policy Platform

New York Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

 NY Wetlands Legislation – Protect NY’s most Imperiled Wetlands

Climate Leadership Summit

In November approximately 50 community leaders met via zoom for our 3rd summit to address the climate crisis and develop ACTION PLANS for our community.  We have compiled a report of the summit.