New York State Green Energy Incentives

Programs (Not based on income)

Home Energy Audits: 
Provides qualified residents with a no cost, top-to-bottom home energy assessment that will identify the root causes of any drafts, inconsistent temperatures, heating and cooling system failures, and where a home may be wasting energy. NYSERDA offers several energy assessment programs that make it easy and affordable for owners of one-to-four family homes to take control of their energy bills and live more comfortably

Heat Pump Program (NYS Clean Heat):
Provides guidance and incentives to homeowners, businesses, and contractors toward the installation of clean heating and cooling equipment, including cold-climate air source heat pumps (ASHP), ground source heat pumps (GSHP), and heat pump water heaters (HPWH).

Maximum Rewards from Utility Companies:

Heating:   National GridNYSEG 
Ground Source Heat Pumps$7000       $7000 
Heat Pump Water Heaters$700$700
Partial Home Air Source Heat Pumps      $400$400
Whole Home Air Source Heat Pumps$3000$2500

Clean Heat NY: To find a participating contractor:

Other Appliances:

National Grid  NYSEG
Water Boiler$600 
Water Heaters$125 
Combination Boiler/hot water heater$650 
Energy Recovery Ventilators$400 
Thermostats     $ 75 
Natural Gas Dryer     $ 77
Pool Pump $ 50
Clothes dryer $300
Various in store rebates on faucets, pipe instilation, et  
Equipment Maintenance:  
Boiler Tune-up$ 75$ 75
Furnace Tune-up$ 75$ 75

Fuel Savings:

Save on Gas and Electric by avoiding usage during peak hours:

NYSEG Smart Savings Reward: .

National Grid Customers: ConnectedSolutions Electric:

                                          ConnectedSoltions Gas

NY Clean Heating Fuel tax credit:  

BIOMAS: $0.01/gallon for each percent of biodiesel, max $.20/gal.  Must be used for residential space heating or hot water production within New York State; after 1/1/2017, biofuels must contain at least 6% biodiesel per gallon to be eligible


Light Incentive Program – Purchase energy efficient lights at participating dealers and get immediate rebates.

Weather Proofing:

Comfort Home Program: Seal and Insulate packages: $1000-$4000

Comfort Home Load-Reduction Packages 

The home must meet conditions of the entire package to be eligible for the incentive. Not income based. If income eligible much more money is available.

Seal and Insulate Attic and Rim JoistSeal and Insulate Attic and Rim Joist and Insulate Walls and FloorsSeal and Insulate Attic and Rim Joist, Insulate Walls and Floors, and Retrofit Windows to ENERGY STAR
Incentive: $1,000*Incentive: $2,500*Incentive: $4,000*
*Additional incentives may be available for heat pump installation if done within 24 months of completing the work to install your Comfort Home Load Reduction Package
Solar Tax Credit:(income based)  25% (to $5000(not i.b.) 30%
Solar Contractors: 
Geothermal: not(I.B.)            25%30%
 Drive Clean Rebateup to $2000up to $7500

Income Eligible Programs

EmPower New York Program:

EmPower New York provides no-cost energy efficiency solutions to income-eligible New Yorkers ( income < $62989 for a family of 4). Whether you own your home or rent, we will connect you with a participating contractor to assess if your home would benefit from free energy upgrades such as:

  • Home energy assessment to identify areas of possible energy improvements
  • Tips on how to save energy
  • Installation of high-efficiency lighting
  • Attic and wall insulation
  • Installation of clean heating and cooling heat pumps
  • Replacement of old, inefficient refrigerators and freezers
  • Water-saving showerheads
  • A monthly electric bill credit of between $5-$15 from community solar.

Assisted Home Performance Program:
This program is for eligible households (income <$87,770) :Up to $5000/project

Residential Financing Programs:
Provides a variety of loan options to help residents finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements at their homes through NYSERDA’s programs. These loans provide lower interest rates to lower-income residents and those who may not qualify for traditional financing.

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