Students Working Towards a Healthier Planet

Papers on Climate Change written by Cazenovia College Students

Effects of Global Climate Change on Health by Sierra Amo-Climate change is not just the global change in climate and the increase in atmospheric temperature. Climate change can create diverse health issues for many different people. 

The Refugees of Lake Chad’s Shrinking by Cylan Blouin-About 38 million people reside within the Lake Chad Basin which is a crossing path between many bordering countries. Geographically, the entire Lake Chad watershed is within the borders of Nigeria, Niger, Algeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Sudan, and Libya.

Climate Influences on Wildfires by Taylor Kutzuba-The climate of the Earth has a substantial influence on the weather around us. With an increase in global temperature, there has been an increase of recorded natural disasters. 

Agriculture’s Adjustments to Climate Change by Paige LoseeClimate change is a global issue which impacts many different aspects of human life and the planet. One area which issues have come about due to climate change is agriculture. 

Effects of Climate Change on the Adirondacks by Mac Ritz-Kenny-As a long-standing protected area, the Adirondack Park is sensitive to a changing global climate. This is evident in many areas of the park, from wetlands to wildlife. 

Climate Change Effects on the Hudson River Watershed by Asia Rose Climate change has been of increasing concern across the planet. The Hudson River Watershed has been tremendously impacted as a result of climate change. 

Climate Change May Actually Yield Some Benefits in Italy, According to Climate Researchers by Ethan Willis-A majority of the most recent climate-related issues have affected Italy in many negative ways, but some of them are actually beneficial in the short term. One of the most important benefits that affects the people of the country the most is the fact that so many jobs are created due to climate change all across the country. 

The Impact of COVID-19 On Carbon Emissions by Lion Vega-In 2020, the world was greatly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has put a strain on everyone’s lives socially, financially and mentally. Although there are many downsides to the pandemic, there seemed to be a positive aspect amid the disaster. 

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