Town and Village of Cazenovia Climate Action Plan

The town and village established a goal for Cazenovia to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by the year 2025

Part of NY Climate Action Plan whose goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% (below the levels emitted in 1990) by the year 2050.

The objectives of the Climate Action Plan are to:

(1) Present information on emission reduction projects and programs that are currently being implemented in Cazenovia;

(2) Provide municipal elected officials, community leaders, and residents with information and support to advance these and additional energy sustainability programs throughout the community;

(3) Identify opportunities for new emission reduction programs and initiatives; and

(4) Engage and encourage local participation in greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies.

Mitigation Strategy Goals for 2025

Increase Options for Low-Carbon Transportation, Convert to higher efficiency vehicles:

Promote carpooling/vanpooling, Expand Bicycling Infrastructure, Expand pedestrian infrastructure, Increase bus ridership to and from school, Provide bicycles for daily trips (bike share)

Increase the use of Alternative Fuels

Convert community vehicle fleet to more energy efficient vehicles including electric, hybrid, and biodiesel.

Increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions from buildings.

Increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions from building. Energy efficiency retrofits of existing facilities: update HVAC , weatherization, energy efficient lighting and sensors, Energy Star appliances, Municipal light sensors, Municipal Power-Down at Night Policy, and Low-flow faucets and toilets:,

Promote business energy conservation through education.

Increase use of renewable energy

Residential and commercial geothermal heat pumps, and solar.

Decrease the waste stream

Kitchen and yard waste composting, Enhance curbside recycling.

Plant trees for carbon storage and energy savings .

Encourage sustainable agricultural practices

Research the benefits of soil management practices on emissions: nitrogen management practices, efficient farm equipment, and renewable energy opportunities on farm properties emissions.

Protect and enhance the farmland in Cazenovia which comprises 30%of the town’s land.

Farmers in Cazenovia have begun to take both mitigative and adaptive actions. Approximately 50% of the farms in Cazenovia participate in Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District’s (SWCD) Agriculture Environmental Management (AEM) program, an incentive-based program that helps farmers make cost-effective and science-based decisions to meet business objectives.

Agricultural lands currently comprise 30% of the land in Cazenovia. The Town of Cazenovia has established goals for the protection and enhancement of farmland and natural resources in the Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. Over 1,800 acres of farmland in Cazenovia is protected from development and the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation recently received funding from New York State to purchase the development rights for 500 additional acres.


Cazenovia Central School district: -New hot water tanks were installed in the high school, – Insulation, ventilation, and lighting (LED/T8) upgrades have been installed at the high school; – Energy upgrades within the District have cut costs by $100,000 on energy bills. – Daylight harvesting has been installed in the classrooms to offset the amount of electric lighting needed to light a space. – Energy efficient lighting retrofits were installed at the bus garage.- Inact climate mitigation: early storm warning systems, air-conditioned cooling shelters, storm water control, and policies that discourage people from building in flood prone areas.

The Town of Cazenovia has also inserted storm water diversion ditches to reduce storm water runoff and pollutants from entering creeks and the lake.

Excerpted from: The Cazenovia Climate Action Plan


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