Madison County Climate Action Plan

Goals and Tasks

Educate on renewables, energy efficiency and green building

Energy Management

  1. Generate more electricity within the county boundaries – as of 2016the county now has a 2MW solar array and will offset 70% of the County’s energy consumption
  2. Increase use of renewables and green building practices
  3. Increase Energy Efficiency


  1. Expand multi-modal transportation network, biofuel for county vehicles
  2. Promote and encourage non-vehicle trips, bike lanes, electric
  3. Reduce the impact of vehicle travel

Land Use

  1. Promote smart growth
  2. Promote active and vibrant community centers, increase the percentage of the population in city and village centers as compared to towns
  3. Support activities that maintain or increase the level of farmland


  1. Clean up brownfield sites
  2. Improve efficiency of water and wastewater systems in the County
  3. Keep development out of flood plains
  4. Prioritize environmentally sensitive lands for conservation
  5. Promote green infrastructure projects in Madison County

Economic Development

  1. Promote the use of local goods
  2. Strengthen and grow our green economy
  3. Use energy sources as catalysts for attracting businesses

Materials Management

  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle


  1. Encourage public-private partnerships and infrastructure to support processing, preservation and storage of locally produced foods
  2. Help farmers implement sustainable practices
  3. Improve soil management practices
  4. Implement a “Farm to School” program
  5. Foster development of a viable biomass agricultural industry on marginal lands
  6. Further implement conservation tillage on local farms

Climate Adaptation

  1. Implement the Madison County NY Rising Resiliency Plan
  2. .Increase emphasis on Floodplain Management

County Government

  1. Improve energy efficiency measures
  2. Increase the use of renewables
  3. Increase use of energy efficient vehicles and promote commuting for employees
  4. Buy locally sourced materials and products

Excerpted from Madison County Energy and Sustainability Plan


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