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Report on the Response to Climate Change in the Town and Village of Cazenovia New York since 2010

On 9/24/20 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced that the Village of Cazenovia has been awarded bronze level certification as a Climate Smart Community. See the certification report.

The Village of Cazenovia is committed to fighting climate change and has taken steps to demonstrate their commitment. The following is an abbreviated timeline of the activities and actions that the Village has taken:

Jun 2009 – Completed energy audit and benchmarking report for Cazenovia Village Hall.

Jan 2014 – NYSERDA/CNY RPDB Solar Feasibility Assessment Report presented to Village.  Report evaluated three potential sites for PV array (WTP, Village Hall, and DPW Garage).

Jan-May 2014 – Village prepares Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory in preparation for applying for designation as a Climate Smart Community

Apr 2014 – Village adopts resolution to become a Climate Smart Community

May 2014 – Village begins preparation of Climate Action Plan (w CNY RPDB, citizen committee members & ESF students)                       

Dec 2014 – Began discussions of CNY Solarize Project with CNY RPDD.

Dec 2014 – Began working with SmartWatt for possible energy performance project with SmartWatt, including possible LED street lighting project.

Apr 2015 – Finalized joint Village/Town Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Apr 2015 – Village meets with SmartWatt and National Grid to conduct preliminary discussions for an LED street lighting project.

Sep 2015 – Worked with Cazenovia Equipment to perform a small-scale, micro-turbine hydroelectric feasibility project at Mill St. dam.

2016-2018 Solarize CNY Initiative (w/ CNY RPDB and Abundant Solar). Participated in Solarize CNY Advisory Committee

Feb 2016:  Received preliminary feasibility report for a potential solar PV installation at Water Treatment Plant that would offset total Village electric usage by 60-70%.

Feb 2017 – NYSERDA Grant Application for NYSERDA Clean Energy Community. Began collecting information on four impact projects to qualify for grant.

Apr 2017 – Installed vehicle electric charging station at Lakeland Park as one of four high impact actions needed to apply for NYSERDA Clean Energy Community Grant application.

Jun 2017 – Village named as a Clean Energy Community for completing four high impact actions under NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities program, making the Village eligible for a $50K grant.  High impact actions included energy benchmarking, energy code training, adoption of unified solar permit, and installation of an electric charging station at Lakeland Park.

Aug 2017 – SmartWatt Investment Grade Energy Audit.  Included LED lighting as well as HVAC and interior lighting improvements

May 2017 – Completed Energy Code Enforcement Training

Jan 2018 – Awarded NYSERDA Clean Energy Community grant based on submitted high impact energy initiatives (benchmarking, energy code training, adoption of unified solar permit, EV charging station at Lakeland Park).

April 14, 2018:  Participated in Cazenovia College Energy Fair.

Aug 21, 2018:  National Grid completes street lighting inventory in Village of Cazenovia.

Fall 2018:  Completed HVAC improvements for a $50K NYSERDA Clean Energy Community Grant at a cost of over $50K.  Improvements included upgrading two rooftop air handlers for the Village Hall, and a new and three AC units at the Fire House.

Nov 2018:  Village reviews and approves Solarize O&M Agreement with Abundant Solar.

Jan 7, 2019:  National Grid approves application for photovoltaic project at Cazenovia Water Treatment Plant site. See image of proposed site.

Feb 20 2019:  Received approved Section 70 Petition from National Grid that allows moving forward with LED Street Lighting Project.

March  25, 2019:  Attended local United Climate Action Network (U-CAN) meeting as representative from Village. 

April 13 2019:  Participated in the Cazenovia College Energy Fair.

12/2/19:  The Village passed a resolution to designate U-CAN as the organization to track Village energy goals.

Mar 2, 2020:  The Village passed a resolution to recognize the Heat Smart CNY Initiative.  This initiative, promoted by the CNYRPDB, promotes the use of ground source and air source heat pumps as a sustainable, efficient, electric-based heating and cooling alternative for residential and business HVAC systems.

3/3/20:  Closing date for purchase of streetlight fixtures from National Grid.

3/16/20:  SmartWatt began the LED street lighting retrofit project.

5/14/20:  Formed a Climate Smart Communities Task Force to plan and execute actions associated with the NYSERDA CSC program.

5/17/20:  Completed Village LED streetlight conversion project – 279 streetlight fixtures converted to LED fixtures owned by the Village. This action will result in reducing the annual street lighting electrical consumption from approximately 142,000 kWh to 55,000 kWh and resulting in a cost savings of approximately $70,000/yr.

9/24/20:  Received bronze level certification under the NYSERDA Climate Smart Communities program.  Received 161 points toward certification.

10/27/20:  The Village participated in the second annual UCAN Energy/Climate Summit.

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