One Planet Youth Fair Registration Form

Registration Deadline: April 3, 2020

Participant Name: _______________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________


Phone: _______________________________________________

School / Group Affiliation: ________________________________

Age Category:____________________________

Please check the topic:
________: Renewable Energy
________: Climate Change

________: Environmental

Type of Presentation:

_________: Scientific Investigation

_________: Scientific Demonstration

_________: Poster

_________: Speech – Speeches must be between 2 – 5 minutes length – question and answers 2 minutes Speeches can be recorded prior to the event but child must be present for questions and judging.

Adult Contact (Teacher, Youth Group Leader, Parent)
Name: _________________________________________________________________

E-Mail:__________________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________________________________

Form to be emailed to Elizabeth Crofut at Pictures of the completed forms will be accepted.

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