Pending New York State Environmental Bills

U-CAN Bills supported, 2021-2022 session of NYS Legislature

Clean Futures Act
Prohibits development of new major electric generating facilities powered by any fossil fuel. 

Moratorium on cryptocurrency mining
Three-year moratorium on permitting of cryptocurrency plants; requirements of environmental impact statement.

Deforestation-free procurement act
Requires that companies contracting with the state do not contribute to tropical or boreal intact forest degradation or deforestation directly or through their supply chai

Methane production equipment credit
Provides tax credit for purchase of on-farm anaerobic digesters. We hope that the Legislature will consider providing resources for methane production not only to individual farmers but to counties or other regional organizations.  

NYS Build Public Renewables Act
Requires the New York Power Authority to provide only renewable energy and power to customers; requires such authority to be the sole provider of energy to all state owned and municipal properties. 

Expanded Bottle Bill
Expands the NY bottle bill by including more types of eligible beverages and increasing minimum refund value to ten cents.

Advanced recycling
Will define and legalize advanced recycling, a heat-based, non-incinerating recycling process for plastics. 

Extended Producer Responsibility Act 
Requires producers to develop and promote packaging which is recyclable and/or reusable

 HEAT Act (“NY Home Energy Affordable Transition Act”) 
The NY HEAT Act ensures that New York State will be able to meet the crucial goals of the Climate Act for buildings without sticking everyday New Yorkers with the bill. The NY HEAT Act will do away with the unfair 100 foot rule, which charges New Yorkers for gas hookups in new buildings by adding it to their utility bills. It will also allow utilities to invest in neighborhood-scale building electrification. Last but not least, it puts a price cap of 6% of income on electricity bills for low- and middle-income families to ensure energy stays affordable.

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