UCAN Climate Leadership Summit

On November 14, 2020, UCAN will hold a Climate Leadership Summit virtually. The purpose of the summit will be to plan climate action projects in 2021 and be a voice for what we as a community should be doing to address the effects of climate change.

There will be six groups that will individually address issues related to climate change: Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Trees, Communication/Education, Advocacy and Plastics/Recycling.  

The summit will consist of 4 parts;

  1. Large Group Session –This session will include – Meeting Introductions, the Overall Goal of the Summit, the Summit Agenda, Individual Introductions, what has been accomplished in this area since last year, and a summary of feedback from surveys.
  2. Group Breakout Session (45 minutes) – Groups will break out into their own virtual meeting room to discuss viable goals that could be accomplished in less than a year.
  3. Large Group Session Reconvenes (20 minutes) – Each group will report their key decisions as well as actions already taken by the group and its individual members.
  4. Special Guest Speakers will also address the entire group.

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