RENEWABLE ENERGY-The goal of the renewable energy group is to promote the use of renewable energy in the Cazenovia, NY area.  The group is preparing a web-based guidance document for residential customers who are interested in installing solar PV systems. 

TREES-The group is in the process of completing the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park (SQHAP) 220 Trees Project by planting 220 saplings of varying species on the park’s grounds.

The initiative is the result of a partnership between SQHAP, UCAN, the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation (CPF), and SUNY ESF Landscape Architecture graduate students led by Professor Matthew Potteiger.

PLASTICS/RECYCLING-This group will work directly with local and county wide pizza shops to spread the message that used pizza boxes — even those with grease and food residue — belong in the recycling bin, not the trash. Posters have beeb developed to accomplish this task.

COMMUNICATION/ADVOCACY-The group aims to increase awareness of the UCAN website, improve the organization’s social media presence, and resume the monthly UCAN newsletter.

The action group also plans to advocate proposed legislation requiring climate change education especially in public schools.

A group member is currently working to collect data on the ways in which climate change is impacting the Cazenovia area.

Use environmental projects as a teaching moment linked to climate change through use of social media and other outlets. Advocate to include climate science education in public school system especially letting youth know what concrete actions can be taken to help mitigate climate change.  Advocate to collect local level data points and trends related to climate. 

WATER-The group’s long-term plans include the development of local runoff-related ordinances designed to help curb harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Cazenovia Lake.The group also hopes to help bolster the Earth Day Chittenango Creek Clean Up — an annual event organized by Dr. Thad Yorks, professor and program director of the environmental biology and biology programs at Cazenovia College.

AGRICULTURE-The group’s overarching goal is to promote sustainable and economically feasible farming techniques. It also to hopes to have additional conversations on ways to educate farmers on the best practices for climate resiliency


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